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New Rules!

New Rules!


The initial announcement was made on our Discord, however I wanted to make sure we made a post here to ensure everyone is aware of the changes to our rules and the system behind punishments.

Rule Changes:
We have revised the rules and now made them available here on our website, previously they had to be viewed on our Wiki. You can find our up-to-date rules here.

System Improvements:
We have implemented a brand new system to ensure that all punishments are both fair and transparent to our players. An example of how our new system works will be shown below.

Suppose Player A violates a Tier 1 rule on the 1st of January. Subsequently, on the 2nd of February, they breach another Tier 1 rule, getting a harder punishment.

In this scenario, the expiration time of Tier 1 is three months.
On the 1st of April, three months after their first punishment, the corresponding offence would disappear from the players history.
Meanwhile, the second punishment from the 2nd of February would have its own distinct expiration period - it would expire on the 2nd of May.

If the Player would break the same rule on on the 2nd of April again, it would count as their second offence of that rule, as the first one already expired.

This system ensures that those players that constantly break rules will receive harsher punishments, unlike those that only do it every once in a while.

Updates to the current punishment history:
Due to these major changes, we have decided it would be best to reset all the old punishment history for nearly all of our players on GuildCraft.
It is important for everyone to be aware that blacklist and/or specific recent punishments will not be cleared and still remain active.

We believe that by implementing this change we will ensure both fair and consistent treatment in accordance with the new system.

With that being said if any changes in the future are to happen they will always be posted in our Discord here under the #server channel, as well as being updated on our website here.

Thank you all for being part of our server, and we appreciate every single one of you for your support!