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Global Rules


This is our official list of the rules for our Minecraft server. If you believe a punishment is wrong please contact us on our Discord.

Please note that Tier 4+ offences are also muteable in private messages.

To report a player you can use /report [player] [reason] in game. You can also report them on our Discord server here.

Tier 1 Punishments

A Tier 1 punishment expires from your history after 3 months.

1. Offence -> Warn
2. Offence -> Mute (1 hour)
3. Offence -> Mute (4 hours)
4. Offence -> Mute (1 day)
5. Offence -> Mute (4 days)
6+. Offence -> Mute (7 days)


- Repeatedly sending the same or similar messages more than 2 times.
- Repeatedly sending unique messages to the chat disruptively.

- Player A sends "Join my faction!" 5 times within 30 seconds.
- Player B sends the messages "A", "B", "C", "D" within 5 seconds.


- Sending messages with elongated words or random characters or symbols.

- Player A sends "efjerofpefierfineruivfnerufnue".
- Player B sends "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa".


- Pretending to be a player or staff member by adopting a similar username or asserting that you are them or an alternate account of theirs.

- Player A sends "I am an Admin!".
- Player B sends "I am Developer XY and this is my second account!".

Arguing about punishments

- Protesting or arguing about a punishment that has been given out.

- Player A sends "Why was Player B banned? They didn't do anything wrong!".
- Player B sends "Unmute Player A, they won't do it again!".

Calling out staff in vanish

- Engaging in any harmful effort to reveal a vanished staff member.

- Player A sends "Admin A is vanished, watch out!".
- Player B sends "Admin B is trying to catch cheaters in vanish!".

Chat trolling

- Intentionally saying things that are meant to confuse, mislead or annoy other players.

- Player A sends "Press Alt+F4 for 1000 coins!".
- Player B sends "Relog for free diamonds!".

Arguing about politics

- Engaging in prolonged and heated debates on topics related to politics.


- Making unfounded allegations against others.

Tier 2 Punishments

A Tier 2 punishment expires from your history after 6 months.

1. Offence -> Mute (1 hour)
2. Offence -> Mute (4 hours)
3. Offence -> Mute (1 day)
4. Offence -> Mute (4 days)
5. Offence -> Mute (7 days)
6. Offence -> Mute (Permanent)

Server / Staff disrespect

- Explicitly giving the server or staff members a bad name. This pertains solely to remarks that are insulting without providing any constructive criticism.

- Player A sends "This server is trash!".
- Player B sends "The staff on this server are so stupid!".

Encouraging rule violation

- Actions, statements or behaviors, that actively endorse or incite others to breach the rules.

- Player A sends "Just use X-Ray to find diamonds!".
- Player B sends "Help me spamming the chat!".

Directed swearing

- Using explicit language directly towards other players. Abbreviations (e.g., "f u", "mf") are permitted.

- Player A sends "Fuck you, Player B!".
- Player B sends "Player A twat!".

Inappropriate behavior

- Explicit references or allusions to content that is vulgar, sexual or drug-related.

- Player A sends "I just had intercourse!".
- Player B sends "Taking drugs is so good!".


- Distributing IP addresses, Discord invites, websiter, or any other form of advertisement.

- Player A sends "Come fight me on Server XY!".
- Player B sends "Join this Discord server of Server XY!".

Tier 3 Punishments

A Tier 3 punishment expires from your history after 9 months.

1. Offence -> Warn
2. Offence -> Ban (1 day)
3. Offence -> Ban (4 days)
4. Offence -> Ban (7 days)
5+. Offence -> Ban (14 days)

Inappropriate Skin / Cape

- Using inappropriate skins or capes.

Report abuse

- Filing false or malicious reports against players.

- Player A reports another player just for fun.


- Usage of machines or tactics to bypass the automatic AFK kick.
- This does not apply to those, that have bypass permissions due to their rank.

- Player A uses an AFK-Pool.
- Player B puts a stone on their mouse to AFK-Mine.

Tier 4 Punishments

A Tier 4 punishment expires from your history after 1 year.

1. Offence -> Ban (4 days)
2. Offence -> Ban (7 days)
3. Offence -> Ban (14 days)
4. Offence -> Ban (30 days)
5. Offence -> Ban (Permanent)

Assisting a cheater

- Being aware that another player is cheating and potentially exploiting that knowledge for personal gain instead of reporting the misconduct.

TP-Killing / -Trapping

- Ensnaring a player through teleportation or warping with the intention of causing harm.


- Intentionally destroying or altering another player's structures, possessions, or environment without the owner's explicit consent.

In-Game Scamming

- Engaging in any deceptive practices or fraudulent activies within the game. This includes, but is not limited to, misleading transactions, false promises, or any form of trickery designed to exploit or deceive players.


- Direct or indirect discrimination of factors such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic. This includes, but is not limited to, any types of discrimination or disrespect towards e.g. countries, religions, sexual orientations or similar.

Encouraging harm

- Promoting or endorsing any form of harm, including but not limited to self-harm, violence, or any illegal activities. This rule encompasses both direct and indirect encouragement.


- Any instance of real-life threats, including but not limited to threats of violence, harm, or harassment.

Bug abuse

- Exploiting or abusing any bugs, glitches, or unintended features within the game.
- Players who are aware of others exploiting bugs may also face consequences.
- The punishment may vary on the specific bug that was exploited, the extent of the abuse, and the impact it had on the server.

Inappropriate content

- Constructing inappropriate or offensive structures.


- Harassment of any form, including but not limited to unwelcome and persistent targeting, offensive language, or any behavior that creates an uncomfortable or hostile environment.

Alt abuse

- Exploiting an alternate account to gain an advantage for the primary account.

Tier 5 Punishments

A Tier 5 punishment will expire from your history after 2 years.

1. Offence -> Ban (30 days)
2. Offence -> Ban (Permanent)

Disallowed modifications

- Usage of unauthorized modifications, cheats, or any third-party software that provides an unfair advantage.
- If you are uncertain about the permissibility of a modification, please seek clarification from a staff member.


- Exchanging in-game items or virtual currency for real-life items, including but not limited to PayPal funds or Minecraft accounts.
- This rule does not count for "Euro trades", wherein Player A exchanges in-game items with Player B, enabling Player B to purchase something for Player A on the GuildCraft store.

Malicious links

- Sharing any form of malicious links, including phishing attempts or any URLs designed to compromise security.

Harmful advertising

- Distributing IP addresses, Discord invites, websiter, or any other form of advertisement with the intent of redirecting players away from GuildCraft.

Tier 6 Punishments

A Tier 6 punishment will never expire from your history.

1. Offence -> Ban (Permanent)


- Initiating a chargeback for any purchase or transaction.

Inappropriate username

- Usage of usernames that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, or violate any other rule.

Lag machines

- Constructing or deploying structures, designed to intentionally cause server lag or disrupt performance.


- Act of coercing or threatening others with the intent of obtaining something of value.


We only punish with a blacklist in a situation where we feel a player has gone over the top, if we feel that they are a threat to the safety of our community, or the stability of the community as a whole.

To appeal a blacklist, you must submit a form here and must have been blacklisted for at least 1 year. You must provide reasoning of your blacklist and details on how you've changed. If your blacklist appeal is denied, you must wait at least 1 year before appealing it again. You are not welcome on any of our service platforms during a blacklist (e.g Discord, Minecraft server, etc).

A blacklist punishment will never expire from your history.

1. Offence -> Blacklist (Permanent)


- Usage of bots for malicious purposes.

Leaking personal information

- Attempting to or succeeding in revealing personal information, regardless of the motivation or intent. This encompasses doxxing and extends beyond its formal definition. Consequently, the rule encompasses not only personally identifiable information but also other private details, such as someone's residential area or city.
- Whether or not the information has been publicly disclosed previously is irrelevant.
- The rule applies even if a player voluntarily shared their information with you.
- Consequences will be imposed on anyone involved in the violation of this rule.
- Breaching this rule may result in pursuit of legal actions.


- Any attempt to launch or participate in a DDoS attack against the server or any player.
- Consequences will be imposed on anyone involved in the violation of this rule.
- Breaching this rule may result in pursuit of legal actions.


- Trying to modify or forge official server documentation, receipts or similar records.
- Breaching this rule may result in pursuit of legal actions.

Serious threats

- Any form of threatening to disclose personal information, engage in swatting, launch DDoS attacks, or similar harmful activies.


Alternative Accounts

Players are allowed 1 alternative account each. However, rule violation on this alternative account can lead up to and including a permanent ban on the user's main account.

Chat filter

- Bypassing the chat filter will result in the enforcement of the corresponding rule, which was broken, and its associated punishment.
- Scenarios, in which the chat filter blocks a message, may still bring a potential punishment with it, particularly in extreme cases.