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New website, store design and many other changes!

New website, store design and many other changes!

We are excited to announce a well overdue change for our community! We have decided to redesign both the website and the store, most of you may have already seen the store redesign, the website was always planned to follow.

I have a few other changes and updates that I will mention below as well, regarding changes and updates on our network overall.

Redesigned Store and Website:
As I mentioned above we have resigned both our store and website. We kept our players in mind when making the changes as we want to make sure that our websites and server are as user friendly as possible. With that being said, the days of our forums have sadly came to a end with the new website. With the use of Discord only increasing over the years this change made the most sense to us.

Rules and Wiki:
While many other changes has happened both internally and externally, it made the most sense for us to move our rules and wiki around. The rules will now be located and updated on our website here. The wiki will still be used, while it is currently still being updated the rules will no longer be there and it will be used solely for the purpose of player information (e.g Survival Guides, Skyblock Guides, etc).

Rank Transfers:
We have received many questions about the current status of Rank Transfers. We have brought them back, but require purchasing since it requires a good amount for us to properly transfer all your items, perks, ranks, etc to your desired new account. We understand that this may be frustrating but unfortunately it is the process we must follow, and we appreciate your understanding. With that being said you can purchase a rank transfer here, after doing so please open a ticket on our Discord Server and we will get you taken care of as soon as possible.

Server Resets:
We appreciate the patients you all have with us during this transition from a very outdated server overall, and with the new ownership. We are working hard on wrapping up our core servers resets so that we can begin focusing on the future. We have so much planned for the community and we hope you all will stick around and see what we have in store.

GuildCraft's future is brighter than ever, and we appreciate the support of every single one of you during this not so great time. The community staying positive and getting hype about releases is what makes all of this worth it, so we would like to take a minute here to say thank you all for everything, and we cannot wait to see you on the soon to come resets.

Stay tuned as there is so much more to come!

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