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Prison has been released

Prison has been released

Prison has been officially released, join us; (1.20+).

  • Changed Crates names (new names: Vote Crate, KOTH Crate, Superior Crate, Epic Crate, AFK Crate, and Rank-Up Crate). Their rewards have been changed to fit this season and they are now a virtual currency, which means you can't transfer them to other players.
  • Added new holograms for certain /leaderboards (Top Kills, Top Coins, Top Money, Top Playtime, Top Tokens, Top Pickaxe Level, Top Gangs). Note: We plan to give out payouts (GiftCards) for this category: Top Blocks Mined. More information about it soon.
  • Added sell-all signs near PvP mine.
  • Added /milestone. You can get in-game rewards by playing or mining a certain amount of blocks.
  • Added a new auction plugin (/ah) with an interesting GUI (you can see your expired items in the special category).
  • Added /kit NPC that lets you have a better view of your current kits and their display.
  • Warp workshop has fixed private rooms for ore smelting, enchant area, and anvils that are free to use.
  • Added AFK pond that gives you rewards for AFKing. You can receive 2 coins per 30 minutes of AFK time as well as an AFK crate key for 1 hour of AFK time.
  • Added /bounty system as requested by the community.
  • Disabled the following enchants: Mending, Thorns, Knockback, Curse of Vanishing.
  • Made golden apples uncraftable (you can now purchase them in the store).
  • Removed the whole concept of /warp FREE. No more villager trades.
  • Added /gangs NPC that lets you handle and learn gang commands more easily.
  • Added /warps NPC that shows you a menu of the 4 most visited warps (crates, mines, arena, spawn).
  • Added /ranks that show you a transparent list of rank-up prices from rank A to Z.
  • Added /rewards. There are 3 different categories (Hourly, Daily, & Weekly).
  • Added NPC of general help for newbies. Server Guide leads you into the game mode, showing you the ropes of this season. When you do /spawn, it should be the first NPC on your left.
  • Added /prestiges and their respective NPC. You can now see the rank-up rewards every time you rank up from one prestige to another.
  • Introduced a new arena (old warp pvp) with a brand-new look.
  • Re-added KOTH and its respective crate key. There will be one KOTH event daily (2 pm GMT+1).
  • Introduced new tier rewards for Envoy, ranking them from the lowest to the highest (Guard, Officer, Warden).
  • Added /mines. You can now TP easily to the mine you want to mine at.
  • Added two teleports that lead you to Mine A.
  • Added 2 sets of NPCs that display rank permissions. One set of NPCs is on your right side, near /warp wood mine, and you can see the permissions of cosmetic ranks. The other set of NPCs is near the workshop, and you will be able to see legacy ranks' permissions and useful commands for each one of them.
  • Added /warp woodmine with the updated woods for this version.
  • Re-added /warp FreeFood and added 2 hobo chests (community chests).
  • Revamped normal and prestige mines and added new blocks in every mine. Mines are also refreshed with a brand-new look.
  • Added /coinshop. You can now purchase bombs, backpacks, keys, particles, pets, and some special commands that are bound to higher ranks for coins. Introduced a new value: coins. They will be replacing legacy coins/vote coins. You can obtain them by voting, playing, and completing different quests.
  • Cells are now changed into plots as the community requested. Create a plot by typing /plot auto. You are now allowed to have 1 plot per physical person only!
  • Added /delivery (old deliveryman). You can claim your boosters from there. It will reactivate in 1 week from the reset time.
  • Added /tagsFFA

Added new Prison bombs (Tier 1-6). You can obtain them from different quests and by ranking up.

  • Disabled the way to obtain Netherite, debris, etc., as well as disabled crafting of the Smithing Table.