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We're so happy that you're interested in joining GuildCraft's staff team! We are always looking to recruit new staff members. We believe that our staff is what truly makes GuildCraft what it is.

We have certain requirements that you need to fulfil to be able to become a part of our staff team. Please take a moment and check if you meet those requirements:

o You are at least 15 years old.
o You act mature and show a neutral behaviour.
o You are fluent in English.
o You know our rules and have no intent to break them.
o You have been active on GuildCraft for at least the past 4 weeks.
o You haven't broken any rule for the past 3 months.
o You are not staff on any other server.

If you feel like you have met all of those requirements then you are welcome to apply! To apply please join our discord and fill out an application in the #apply channel. Best of Luck!